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Listed here are the top UK Online Dating Directories that list the best dating sites in the UK...

  1. The UK Online Dating Review - the UK's leading independent review of online dating sites for Brits.
  2. The Free Online Dating Review - A good list of the best free dating sites in the UK (there are a few).
  3. Dating Site Reviews - Another good reference for UK singles, listing the top 10 internet dating sites for 2011.
  4. Best UK Dating Sites - A guide to the top dating websites in the UK.
  5. UK Dating Websites - Information on the UK's favourite dating websites.

This is a collection of the top 5 directories, and you will find that most of them recommend the same sites.  This is because from the vast collection of online dating websites out there, only a few actually work well and get results.  Many are a waste of time and money, and should be avoided.  But to meet UK singles who genuinely want relationship, try any of these dating directories and you will find sites that each have a slightly different flavour but all get UK singles together.

Of course we are biased, but we think online dating is the ebst way to start romantic relationships these days, with like minded men and women who are all after the same thing.  Where else can you 'meet' thousands of single people all looking for relationship and all available, all in the same place?  This kind of dating offers a massive amount of choice, and sets you up for a good start in communication and expressing feelings without the pressure of being face to face.

So if you have been thinking about it, get off the fence and start dating.  Follow any of the links to find love in 2011!